Registration for Choristers
Northeast Tennessee Families interested in participation with Choristers are asked to come to registration at Munsey Church, 201 S. Roan Street, Johnson City to meet Director Amy Potterton on May 20, sometime between 4:00-5:30.

Southwest Virginia families interested in Choristers are asked to come to registration at Emory and Henry College Chapel, Emory to meet Director Emily McCraw on May 23, sometime between 4:00-5:30​​
Our Goals
1. Give vocally talented children an unforgettable, exemplary choral experience.

2. Implant a solid foundation in music and proper singing techniques.
3. Supply an experience in non-competitive team behavior that calls for the best in each of them.

4. Promote musical leadership by these children for schools, churches and other organizations in our area.

5. Enhance the Mountain Empire's appreciation of children's fine choral literature.

6. Encourage these young people to continue lifelong participation in the art​s.
What We Do
The singers will learn basic musicianship skills and vocal technique. They will be exposed to many genres of music, cultures, languages, and composers. Most importantly, we wish to instill a love and passion for singing and musical excellence.

​​Music is vital to the development of young minds, their imagination, and freedom to emote their feelings. Music gives young readers another way to understand poetry, stories, and history. Music touches the heart and soul as they sing the song’s melody and rhythms, developing a deeper understanding of how they feel themselves and how others may feel.

​​Children derive great joy and satisfaction from singing. Music cheers the spirit, lightens the heart, and causes the mind to focus and the body to relax!
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Choristers Fall 2016
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